Helping innovators navigate accelerating change

Solving the world's biggest problems will require new ways of thinking, learning, and building.

Tree breaking out of a glass sphere.
The story of our future.

The world needs people like you, innovators with the drive and creativity to tackle its most challenging problems. Developing and maintaining these skills can be equally challenging problems.

To keep your drive, you'll want to stay curious and define your vision. This makes work feel like play.

Enhancing creativity involves tactics like practicing gratitude and mindfulness, exercising regularly, and sleeping enough [1]. Developing these skills amplifies your output because they help in other areas of your life, but they don't come naturally for everyone.

Pathwooded provides tools and ideas to help you succeed by mastering skills like these. As you wander through our site, reflect on how it all fits in with your experience and knowledge in a way that helps you solve the world's biggest problems.

[1] Kotler, Steven. The Art of Impossible (p. 178).